About Us


Tamizhagam Press

Our extensive background in offset printing means that we have the skills and wisdom to transform our clients creative ideas into compelling to printed materials from books, diaries, wedding cards to brochures, newsletter and stationery items. We provide high total print solutions to all our clients.

At TAMIZHAGAM PRESS our focused is on producing excellent results that meet and exceed our customers expectations. we use only the top quality materials and state art equipment’s. Our highly-trained professional staff uses the latest
technology to ensure that every job is completed according to quality control at every point of production of your book and professional materials, we are answerable for your prestige and standing in the industry. Hence, every bit of effort goes into making the product the level with good performance.

we are proud of the success we’ve achieved…. and we continue to look for ways to become even better. In a printing facility cleanliness can mean the difference between a great print job and a flawed one.